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Board Rules - PLEASE READ THIS! Empty Board Rules - PLEASE READ THIS!

Post  Batmanifestdestiny on Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:54 pm

Alright, here's the laydown of the rules:

1. No swearing: I don't care if anyone gets offended by this rule, because them getting offended by this rule is a lot better than someone getting offended by swearing.

2. No posting pornographic content: Yes, it does take skill to make a Piet program look like a naked girl on the beach, but that's something to show your friends around the house, and not here. This rule also applies to any youtube videos, audio, gif images, avatars, images, games, and PM's having any of this.

3. No flaming of another user: Do you just really hate another user? Try asking them to please stop doing whatever makes you mad, or just plain ignoring them. What I don't want is to have some topic titled "OMGOSH KILL TEH NOOBZORZ [insert name here]!!!!!111" Also, I don't want a regular topic to turn into a flame war. If you think that a topic that you want to post may ensue a flame war, then please contact a moderator or admin, and ask them if making topic [insert name and description here] is okay. Also, don't PM your flaming, since, although we don't use it often, the moderation can and will pull a Big Brother and look into your PM's in the event of a report.

4. No spam: If the only thing you're going to sign up for is to sell me some kind of medication, or to advertise your certainly amazing stick figure movies that were banned on other sites, but you are certain are good here, then don't sign up. Another form of spam that I don't want is signing up just to constantly say things like "Piet sucksorz" or "Everyone who doesn't do Java is a failure at life." Most of us are not here to make compact and tidy code, but to have fun with another language that passerbys might think is some weird modern art.

5. No trolling: Trolling can be defined as waiting for when a certain topic is made or person posted, and then filling that topic or replying to that post with so much stuff it's almost as if you're a robot designed purely to tell everyone how much you hate/love/obsess over it/him/her. This can also be considered another kind of spamming. If you feel the urge to only post when certain things are posted, then please remember to also post on something else. I'm sure that cool topic about squeeze cheese will still be there when you get back Wink

6. No smiley-beaming: A smiley beam is when you do several posts that each end with lots and lots of smilies. You can do a post like that every once in a while, if it's for comedic effect or something, but there's just no point in posting "Hi Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile bounce silent Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Razz Razz " This rule does not apply if it is in a topic where the point is lots of smilies, a-la some kind of smiley war in the Forum Games section

7. Please post in the correct section: If you try to post a question about the Linux kernel in Forum Games, no one will know that you're actually asking something. Likewise, if you post a thread about funny images in the program forum, then people will probably assume you're either a noob, or that you demand humorous Piet programs. This rule is not to restrict you, but rather to help your topic bloom into something constructive.

8. No useless double-posting: If you have something really important, that you're just sure no one will notice with a simple edit, then please go ahead and double-post, but if you're double-posting just because you want to tell people to reply more often, then that's useless and unneeded.

9. No bumping: Bumping is defined as raising a topic from it's dark internet grave by making a post that just says "bump." This is rather annoying to lots of people, and can ensue in a flame war if they think you are doing it just to annoy them. If you have something very, very important to the topic that must be posted, such as you fixed a fatal flaw in a program, your interpreter has a bug fix, or you turned someone's dream compiler into a reality, then you may post it, but I don't want to ever see a topic that goes from a scientific discussion on the matter of the universe to a string of bumping. If you really want to add something, but your addition isn't complete yet, then bookmark the page! I'm sure it'll still be there when you've finished your work, or if it's not, then just post another topic of it!

10. Please look around before asking for help: If you have a question that needs asking, please look around and make sure it hasn't been asked before, because I'm sure that both of us don't want a page filled with topics titled "how do I change the codel size??"

11. No demeaning other ideas/beliefs/religions: If you're a televangelist that wants everyone to be saved, then that's jolly for you, but don't go around telling people that they're going to burn in the fiery pits just because that are a Muslim, or Australian, or something else. This rule is related to flaming. Please don't confuse this with "don't post about anything related to your religion or lack thereof," because sometimes these conversations can be fun and enlightening, all that this means is that if John or Jane Doe mentions that they're Mormon, don't send angry posts demanding to know why they joined that "devil church."

I think that's it for now. If new problem arise, then I'll add more rules. Just remember: play nice, and all will be well Smile

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